We Got a Deal on Shark Tank!

We Got a Deal on Shark Tank!

Gavin Batarse, eight-year-old entrepreneur from Orange County, CA, pitched his Glove Wrap™ business on a recent episode of “Shark Tank”, alongside his dad (Jon) and sister (Morgan), and lands a deal with two “sharks” - Mark Cuban and guest Michael Rubin.


The “Shark Tank” episode aired on Friday, October 13, on ABC. Gavin introduced the “sharks” to Glove Wrap™ - his innovative product to break in and shape baseball, softball and hockey goalie gloves.

The Batarse family celebrated the night by hosting a “Shark Tank” watch party. “So many friends and family showed up to support Gavin and Morgan, and no one except us knew the outcome beforehand,” Jon Batarse states. “It was such an incredible moment when, on the show, Gavin said ‘you got a deal’ to Mark and Michael. A dream come true.”

“Shark Tank” is a show that the Batarse family loves watching together. “Not only is it entertaining, it also teaches so many lessons about business and life – The value of hard work and creativity, going after your dreams, and being brave and confident under pressure. How cool is it that we got to watch our own family in the tank, knowing the amount of hard work and determination it’s taken to get there,” Jon Batarse states.

Gavin loves playing baseball more than anything. He and his dad/baseball coach, Jon, were trying to find an effective way to break in and shape his new baseball glove. After trying several traditional methods, Gavin came up with the idea for Glove Wrap™, a new solution that works like a charm. “Millions of baseball, softball and hockey goalie gloves are sold every year, and every single one of them needs to be broken in. Gavin had a great idea, and as his dad I wanted to teach him and Morgan how to turn his great idea into reality,” Jon states. “It’s been so fun teaching the kids all about business.”

A perfectly broken in glove is one of the secrets to being a great player. Baseball, softball, and even hockey goalie gloves are stiff and rigid, making them very hard to close. This means more errors when playing. Traditional methods of breaking in gloves are time consuming, messy and require multiple steps. And if you don’t do it right, you'll damage your glove and shorten its lifespan. With Glove Wrap™, just drop a ball in the pocket and wrap it up! It’s super easy to use no matter your age.

Along the way, Glove Wrap™ has gained an incredible following online. In a little over a year since launching, they have nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, and 30 million views on their videos. “Gavin had a dream of giving some of his favorite professional baseball players his product,” Jon states. “So we filmed him handing his product to those players, and his videos have gone viral. The feedback on the product has been amazing. Players from Tee Ball to the Pros love Glove Wrap™.”

“As of now, Glove Wrap™ is available at glovewrap.com, but Gavin’s plan is for every player to use Glove Wrap™ and for it to be sold everywhere,” Jon states. “More than that, we hope our story encourages other young entrepreneurs and families.”

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